Program: Wrap Up

Ecogenomics Innovation Centre (ECOLINC) 

In 2003 the Ecogenomics Consortium was founded to generate more insight into the composition and functioning at a genetic level of microbes and other soil organisms. In 2010 a condensed continuation of the Ecogenomics programme started focusing on valorization of innovative developments originating from the first stimulation round. The associated name Ecogenomics Innovation Center (ECOLINC) is a reflection of this and its science and innovation programme is composed of three main themes of valorization, namely developing metagenomics-based and other molecular Tools and apply them for Mining Nature and for a variety of Ecosystem Services:

Nature mining  

  1. Exploitation of the genome of the mycophagous bacterial genus Collimonas  and isolation, production and functional characterization of antifungal compounds thereof
  2. Mining bacterial genomes for novel traits, bioactive compounds and biosynthetic pathways


  1. Development of high throughput (HTP) molecular diagnostics for microbial bioremediation capacity
  2. Design and development of DNA barcoding devices for soil quality and safety assessment 
  3. High throughput genomics approaches for soil health and quality assessment, including development of a quantitative array system (barcoding device)

 Ecosystem Services  

  1. Validation and application of the invertebrate transcriptome based test system for soil quality
  2. Application of an HTP system for the generation of toxicological profiles  of soil toxicants   
  3. Molecular diagnostics for the ecosystems services bioremediation and biodiversity

Most of the topics addressed in the ECOLINC proposal are aimed at development of valorization opportunities for both societal and economic (industrial) applications, such as nature mining of  soil microorganisms for new biofunctional compounds (antibiotics, enzymes), eco-toxicogenomics for development of monitoring tools and alternative tests to be used in environmental (soil) quality assessment, analysis and improvement of bioremediation potential, improved disease suppressiveness of soils, impacts on biodiversity, etcetera. The integration of the ECOLINC program with Be-Basic in a bio-based economy program within the FES cluster “bio-based sustainable industrial chemistry” will further boost the development of additional industrial applications of ecogenomics research, such as in mining for novel, improved biocatalytic enzymes useful in biorefinery of agricultural wastes; in searching for biofunctional compounds with adhesive properties for improved bio-construction materials (e.g., smart soils). In other words, tools developed in ECOLINC with the main focus on soil can be exploited and adapted to wider applications, in particular those related to bio-based sustainable industrial chemistry.

The Ecogenomics Innovation Centre is supported by NGI and forms part of its Sustainability cluster.

6th Annual Meeting

On 19 and 20 April the 6th Annual Meeting of the Ecogenomics Consortium will be organized in 'Het Trippenhuis' - the building of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) - Kloveniersburgwal 29, Amsterdam. This is the final meeting of the Ecogenomics Consortium. On 21 April, at the same location the discussion on ecogenomics continues at the 'Second National Ecogenomics Day' organized by the Netherlands Ecogenomics Research Organization (NERO).

For more information on the program of the 6th Annual Meeting of the Ecogenomics Consortium, or on the Second National Ecogenomics Day, please contact BDS via Dita Smit ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

NGI Venture Challenge 2010

For those interested in starting up a company in the life sciences, and for those with enlightened ideas but who lack knowledge on how to valorize them (economically), NGI organizes an unique opportunity: the NGI Spring Venture Challenge 2010.

At the end of the challenge, the team with the best venture plan and pitch is awarded 25,000 euros to invest in their business case. Apply before 26 March 2010!

Please check www.venturechallenge.nl for more details.